Simple Ways To Take Care Your Skin

The skin is the most important organ of the body. Yes that’s right! The skin is an organ and it truly is the most important organ of the body. We often neglect it and concentrate on just going to the gym and toning our body. But here’s the thing. You need to do more about your skin. It needs your attention too. And if you have been neglecting it thus far, fret not. By following these simple tips you’ll be able to get back the natural glow of your skin and you’ll make it shine like never before. So without further ado, here are a few tips to help you get your game back when it comes to your skin:

1. Use Mineral Makeup
This is more important than you think. The makeup you use is the one thing that can truly make or break your skin. Mineral Cosmetics are basically makeup with a more natural touch. The minerals in the makeup are the thing that will help your skin shine. These minerals will also help reduce the damage that makeup does to your skin. So it will be a plus point too.

2. Use natural masks regularly
These masks are usually easy to makeup and start showing a significant change in your skin after the first few uses. A very simple mask of this kind is the papaya mask which can be easily made at home. All you need is a few cubes of papaya, add a teaspoon of honey into it and mash it all together. This will give you the perfect mixture which will have slightly thick consistency. Apply this mixture to your face and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with luke warm water and let it dry. Another simple mask consists of mashing a banana and applying it to your face. This will leave your face looking fresh and will remove marks from your skin as well.

3. Improve your diet
The first and foremost thing is reducing direct intake of sugar. This usually causes acne and will also cause your skin to look tired all the time. Try eating loads of fresh fruits especially fruits with citrus qualities. Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C which is a great anti oxidant that rids the body of many toxins and in turn causes the skin to glow and look fresh all the time. Also try to drink loads of water every day. Water helps wash out the harmful substances from the body and keeps the skin hydrated which reduces the formation of wrinkles etc.

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How To Get The Perfect Natural Makeup Look

Gone are the days when you can lap your face with make up and go out to party. Nowadays it is all about that natural look. The makeup trend now is all about just enhancing the natural features you have and not full blown painting them on your face. Most of us however don’t have enough time in our everyday life to go through the tiring ritual of applying a natural makeup look on our face so these tips will help you get the perfect natural look without standing in front of the mirror for hours. So without further ado, here are tips to get the most natural makeup look.

1. Start by using a moisturizer
Makeup might help you cover up but if your skin is not taken care of than even makeup might not be able to help you out. So the first rule of applying makeup is moisturizing your skin with a good oil free moisturizer. This helps keeps the makeup intact and also gives your skin a fresher outlook. To have an even better moisturizing for your skin drink loads of water as that keeps your skin hydrated and supple.

2. Use a concealer
The concealer is your ultimate makeup weapon and you should learn how to use it to your advantage if you want to get the perfect natural look. Apply dabs of concealer on areas that have acne scars and under your eye to cover dark circles. It is preferable to apply the concealer in strokes starting from the edge of the under eye and going down towards the eye. This will give you the maximum coverage for dark circles.

3. Cover the face with a light layer of foundation
This is the most important step in getting your makeup natural. If you don’t like foundations then get yourself a BB Cream which is basically a moisturizer, foundation and sun block all merged into one single thing. The BB Cream is convenient, cheap and is easy to apply too. Once you apply it make sure that you blend it into your skin thoroughly to get the most natural looking effect.

4. Apply some natural rose tinted blush
The thing about blush is that you don’t want to over do it or else you’ll end up looking like someone who drinks a lot of alcohol. Just dab the brush with a bit of blush and apply it both your cheekbones.

5. Use some black for your eyes
Just line your eyes with a thin layer of eyeliner and apply a single coat of Mascara on the lashes. Make sure that the mascara is smooth and does not cause your lashes to appear clumpy. That is not the look you want to go for.

6. Finish off with a nude colored lipstick
Avoid really bright colored lipsticks for everyday use and instead go for nude colors that bring out or enhance the natural shade of your lips and match your complexion.

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How To Make Your Hair Look Straight

Getting straight hair doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and the right tool in place. One of the best items you can use due to how fast it works and how easy it is to run is the simply straight. This is a durable product you will reach for often. It is also affordable so it is a win all the way around!


There are several methods you can use to get straight hair. This includes a straightener tool, an iron, or chemicals applied by professional. Yet such items can prove to be hard to use and harsh on the hair. The chemical process can damage your hair and it is also very expensive. The process takes several hours too. With the simply straight, you have a method that works!

It is a simple solution and you will find straightening your becomes fun and not a chore. It can be a great gift for teenagers too who are embarking on the journey of experimenting with their hair. They will enjoy the way it leaves their hair sleek and smooth.

Works Fast

There are many factors that affect how much time it takes to get straight hair. The length, texture, and thickness of the hair are key factors. With the simply straight, it is as easy and fast as brushing your hair. The design is similar to a brush, and that is why it is so easy to use it. There aren’t any complicated motions or positions for your hands to learn.

Reduce Heat Damage

While straight hair can look amazing, you have to be careful. Excessive use of such tools can damage your hair due to the heat. This can cause dizziness, split ends, and dry hair. With the simply straight, less heat is used to get the desired results. As a result, you can have the look you want and not worry so much about the risk of hair damage from the heat.

Easy to Operate

The simply straight is easy to run for youth, adults, and even the elderly who still want to be in fashion. It can be used by someone with limited mobility in the arms or who has arthritis so they have less control with the fingers. A person often takes for granted the use of such tools unless they have a health issue that makes it difficult. This product won’t hinder the use of it.


This is a product you are going to love using, and you will reach for it often to use. If you have other straighten products, they are going to get ignored. Since the simply straight is made from durable materials, you don’t have to worry about it holding up. It is going to be a long-lasting product you can count on. You can use it as often as you like and it will hold up.


Many consumers appreciate the fact that the product is also reasonably priced. You don’t have to spend lots of money to get a high quality product to straighten your hair with ease. You just have to know what to invest your money in. This is a product with tons of positive reviews, and that continues to increase the popularity of it.

You aren’t going to know how your hair will look though until you try one yourself! It is an investment in your beauty regimen that you will appreciated. Your only regret will be that you failed to buy one long ago!

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Benefit Hot Waxing At Home

The Hot Wax Procedure

You will need:

  • Hot wax machine: It keeps the wax at the perfect temperature throughout the whole procedure. These can be purchased for affordable prices alone of included in a hot waxing kit.
  • Wax: There is no need for strips as the wax becomes the strip once it becomes hard on the skin.
  • Wooden sticks: These are used to scoop out the wax and spread onto the skin.
  • Talcum powder: This will be applied before the wax to ensure the skin is completely dry free moisture.
  • Oil or oil wipes: This is the best way to remove wax residue after the procedure.

Either purchase a hot waxing kit which will include everything needed for the procedure or buy these items separately, as you wish.Before:

  • Your hair must be the length of 5mm before waxing.
  • Exfoliate to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Ensure you don’t suffer from any waxing contraindications.


  1. The hot wax is melted and heated in the hot wax machine to a specific temperature and then tested on the wrist to ensure the temperature is not too hot.
  2. Apply talcum powder to the area before the application of wax to ensure the area is free from any moisture.
  3. Apply the hot wax in a thick layer onto the skin in the direction of the hair growth with the help of a wooden spatula. If the application is not consistent or thick enough, extra coats can be applied 3 times to give an even application.
  4. The hot wax will become hard within seconds which means it is ready to be removed. Hold the skin taut and remove the wax in the opposite direction of the growth.


  • Remove any wax residues with oil or oil wipes and rinse it off with water to avoid your pores getting clogged.
  • Avoid hot temperatures such as sauna, sweaty workouts, and baths for 48 hours.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure in the freshly waxed area.
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